Expert Waxing $
​Laser Hair Removal

Our Estheticians are all certified waxperts,  using the finest European Waxes and latest waxing techniques.
Our waxing methods are designed with the client in mind. We strive to make every wax appointment is as comfortable as possible. We use a combination of traditional strip waxes as well as our personal favorite - hard (stripless) wax for a faster and less painful treatment!
Aftercare products are available for maintenance at home!

Our Laser Hair Removal is performed using a IPL device which is a photo epilating machine.
The hair is removed by coagulating in the hair follicle. The laser uses high intensity light that passes from the handpiece directly into the hair follicle and damages it. Our machine works in a very unique way that delivers energy in a predertermined target. Unlike most IPLs and single laser devices where the energy from the light is scattered, our technology manages to concentrate a bulk of light energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin surface.  The precise positioning enables a selective targeting of hair follicles. This makes the treatment highly efficient but at the same time almost painless and gentle to the skin.
Your appointment will be quick, efficient and pain free. We use a chiller in combination with cold gel to properly prep the area so no heat is passed along to you during your treatment.

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