Welcome to Skin Blends SPAtique
At age 20, you have the skin you Inherited; at age 40 you have the skin you Deserve; at age 60 you have the skin you Earned; at age 80 you have the skin you Preserved; and at age 100 your skin will Thank You!
Client Oriented
Skin Blends always puts the clients needs first. No two people are alike and neither are their skin care needs. We have a wide variety of clinical procedures and advanced home care products to help you to your best skin. Please call us to schedule a clinical analysis with skin care professionals to determine the optimal treatment protocol for your individual needs. 
All of the products used in our treatments can be used at home for consistant results. Skin Blends products are packed with the latest and greatest powerhouse ingredients and can be custom blended to suit your exact skin conditions.
Our SPAtique utilizes the latest and greatest software to ensure you never miss an appointment. Convenient text and email reminders are sent directly to your phone & computer at the time of booking your appointment as well as 24 hours prior.
We love to see you and know how busy life can tend to be!